Discussion - Grand Old Time

Discussion – Grand Old Time

Prof Joe wants your help. Mr Jones wants to do things that may lead to serious injury or even a premature death. Should I help him to “Live fast, die younger than need be and, leave a somewhat good looking corpse? Is it better to be “safe and sound” or “happy and hurt”? Dignity of Risk video coming soon.

The Scenario:

Mr Jones is moved into a Retirement Village after being deemed too unsafe for his own home.

Your Verdict:

Despite his condition should he still able to make decisions about his own way of life?

Discussion - To Resuscitate or Not?

Discussion – To Resuscitate or Not?

Prof Joe wants your help. He’s sitting having a tea when the ward bell sounds – a patient has collapsed in the hallway… his patient! Prof rushes to the scene to find that the person who has collapsed is Mr Rupert Jones, a man with dementia. The ICU doctor wants to know how bad his dementia is and whether or not they should stand down the code blue. Should they resuscitate Mr Jones?

The Scenario:

Mr Jones has collapsed in the hallway but is found to have Dementia.

Your Verdict:

Does dementia determine whether or not we resuscitate him?

Discussion - Driving with Dementia

Discussion – Driving with Dementia

This animated video addresses the myriad of complex issues involved in assessing whether a person with dementia is fit to drive. We hope that it will engage the audience and generate discussion amongst the general public and health professionals to help us all be better informed

The Scenario:

Mr Jones has his license suspended after found with Dementia.

Your Verdict:

Is it a simple fact of taking his license away or is the issue more complicated?

Discussion Quotes:

Thanks for sharing your story Prof. We have some many things we need to consider when providing care for Mr Jones of the world.