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It's time for change!

It's time for change!

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Advocacy, Education and a Voice for the Individual in Aged Care

Prof joe

aka Professor Joseph Ibrahim

Joseph E Ibrahim is an academic researcher, teacher and a practising senior medical specialist in geriatric medicine with over 30 years of clinical experience.


He is also a producer, co-writer and narrator of three short films about ethical issues in persons with dementia and ageing.

In 2019 Sydney Morning Herald Good Weekend reognized him as “People Who Mattered in 2019 for Health”.



A film by Prof Joe

“Remember this one rule…” said my old professor when I started my training.


“Don’t ever take risks! Risks are for BASE jumpers. A patient entrusts themselves into your care. And it’s your job to keep them safe. Follow my rule and it’ll keep you out of trouble. You’ll avoid the medical board. Maybe even avoid being sued. Or perhaps most importantly…

You’ll avoid hurting the very patients you’re supposed to protect.”

Dignity of Risk is a 15min short animated film/documentary featuring on an encounter between Prof Joe and a patient, Mr Jones, who has recently been diagnosed with dementia.  The film raises questions relating to protecting Mr Jones from harm vs intruding on his enjoyment and quality of life.




This animated video addresses the myriad of complex issues involved in assessing whether a person with dementia is fit to drive.


We hope that it will engage the audience and generate discussion amongst the general public and health professionals to help us all be better informed.


to resuscITATE OR NOT?



Prof Joe wants your help. He’s sitting having a tea when the ward bell sounds – a patient has collapsed in the hallway… his patient!


Prof rushes to the scene to find that the person who has collapsed is Mr Rupert Jones, a man with dementia. The ICU doctor wants to know how bad his dementia is and whether or not they should stand down the code blue.

Should they resuscitate Mr Jones?

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