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Advocacy, Education and a Voice for the Individual in Aged Care

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About Professor Joseph Ibrahim


Joseph is a Professor at two of Australia’s leading universities and a practising senior specialist in geriatric medicine with over 30-years of clinical experience in the health and well-being of older people.


Joseph has a Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, a Doctorate of Philosophy in Epidemiology and Health Services Research (Monash University), Fellowship of the Australian Faculty of Public Health Medicine and a Graduate Certificate in Higher Education.


Joseph was an inaugural and founding member of the clinical team assisting the State Coroner’s Office in the 2000’s investigating the system failures associated with health and aged care deaths respectively. Joseph’s ongoing research is investigating approaches to reducing harm to older persons and improving quality of life. Joseph has also been called as an expert witness for criminal cases into elder abuse and coroners cases into the quality of care provided to nursing home residents, including the inquest into Oakden. Joseph has also provided evidence and been cited in the Australian Law Reform Commission into Elder Abuse, Carnell and Paterson Report, the Commonwealth Senate Inquiry for protecting residents from abuse and poor practices, the House of Representatives Inquiry and more recently the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety.


Professor Ibrahim is the lead author of the influential report “Recommendations for prevention of injury-related deaths in residential aged care services.” This work has informed approaches for protecting residents from abuse and poor practices and ensuring proper clinical and medical care standards are maintained and practiced. This report followed the first comprehensive national study of injury-related deaths among nursing home residents in the world considered one of the Top 10 influential research studies in 2017 published in the Medical Journal of Australia. Joseph was one of three people recognized by the Sydney Morning Herald Good Weekend's “People Who Mattered 2019: Health”.


Joseph is also a producer, co-writer and narrator of four short films about ethical issues in persons with dementia and ageing including Dignity of Risk(2017),  Not for resuscitation and dementia (2015),  Driving and dementia (2013).  The film Dignity of Risk was won multiple awards including ‘Best Narrative Film’ at Global Impact Film Festival (Washington DC Aug 2017) and was the official selection with laurels for five other international festivals including the Awareness Festival (Los Angeles Oct 2017), Atlantic City Festival (New Jersey Oct 2017), United Nations Association Film Festival (San Francisco Oct 2017), American Association Public Health (Atlanta Nov 2017).



Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
1985 – Monash University

Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, Sub-specialty Geriatric Medicine

Doctor of Philosophy, Epidemiology and Health Services Research
1999 – Monash University

Fellowship of the Australasian Faculty of Public Health Medicine

Graduate Certificate in Higher Education
2001 – Monash University


Australian Postgraduate Award 

North West Health Care Network’s Achievers Award: outstanding contribution in health care, teaching & research 

Western Health Awards for Excellence In Innovation 

Levi Strauss (Australia) Pty Ltd Scholarship for the Australia-Asia Leadership program 


Postgraduate Research Supervisions:

Mr Justin King, Master of Public Health, Minor Project Research.
Abnormal serum bicarbonate as a predictor of intensive care admission and mortality.
Sole Supervisor

Ms Viki Lui, Master of Public Health, Minor Project Research.
Investigating the impact of drug-drug interactions and therapeutic monitoring on adverse drug events in the older adult.
Sole Supervisor

Ms M Bohensky, Master of Public Health, University of Melbourne, Research Project. “The Coroner’s review & lessons for patient safety.”
Joint Supervisor

Ms R Potelli, Master of Health Services Management, Monash University, Case Study. Learning to be a manager: “Into something rich and strange”. 
Sole Supervisor

Student Supervision:

Postgraduate Doctoral Candidate
Ms Briony Murphy
Topic: Intentional cause deaths in Residential Aged Care Services

Monash University Summer Scholarship Program
Mr Duc Huy Tony Pham Bachelor of Biomedical Science
Ms Prashanti Rajendram Bachelor of Health Science and Bachelor of Social Work
Ms Erden Hasanoglu Bachelor of Biomedical Science

Ms Marta Helen Woolford: HSC3132
Action in public health research
Topic: The value of life in older people living in Residential Aged Care Services.


Publication Articles:

IBRAHIM JE. It is not appropriate to dismiss inappropriate care. Med J Aust 2015; 203 (4): 161-162. doi:10.5694/mja15.00742.

Chadwick, L. M., MacPhail, A., Ibrahim, J. E., McAuliffe, L., Koch, S., & Wells, Y. (2015). Senior staff perspectives of a quality indicator program in public sector residential aged care services: A qualitative cross-sectional study in Victoria, Australia. Australian Health Review, early view. DOI:10.1071/AH14197

IBRAHIM, J.E., Murphy, B.J., Bugeja, L., Ranson, D. (2015). Nature and Extent of External-Cause Deaths of Nursing Home Residents in Victoria. Australia. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. 05/2015; 63(5). DOI:10.1111/jgs.13377

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Kitching F, Winbolt M, MacPhail A, IBRAHIM JE. Web-based social media for professional medical education: Perspectives of senior stakeholders in the nursing home sector. Nurse Education Today 05/2015; DOI:10.1016/j.nedt.2015.05.013

Ferrah, N., Murphy, B.J., IBRAHIM, J.E., Bugeja, L.C., Winbolt., M., LoGiudice, D., Flicker, L., & Ranson, D. (2015). Resident-to-resident physical aggression leading to injury in nursing homes: a systematic review. Age Ageing 44(3): 356-364.

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