Advocacy, Education and a Voice for the Individual in Aged Care


Prof Joe is the website of Professor Joseph Ibrahim. This platform stands for Advocacy, Education and a Voice for the Individual in Aged Care.

Here you will find the Coronavirus COVID 19 Aged Care Podcast, the Coronavirus COVID 19 Aged Care Facebook Group, the animated films: 'Dignity of Risk', 'To Resuscitate or Not' and 'Driving with Dementia', as well as press clippings and discussions. 



aka Professor Joseph Ibrahim

Joseph E Ibrahim is an academic researcher, teacher and a practising senior medical specialist in geriatric medicine with over 30 years of clinical experience.


He is also a producer, co-writer and narrator of three short films about ethical issues in persons with dementia and ageing.

In 2019 Sydney Morning Herald Good Weekend reognized him as “People Who Mattered in 2019 for Health”.

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Host & Doctor


Social Advocate
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